About Podcasts

What A Podcast Is....and What It Isn't

The word “podcast” comes from the first portable, DIGITAL music device, known as the iPod. In fact, it's a combination of "iPod" and "broadcast." The first iPods allowed people to carry their music around as digital files instead of tapes or CDs - and in addition, allowed people to create their own digital files for OTHERS to listen to as well, called podcasts.

A podcast is NOT a random piece of audio on a company’s website.It’s meant to be a syndicated series, and much like our current television media, can be offered and/or downloaded all at once, week-to-week, or in season format.

Podcasting began in 2004 and was a popular, yet somewhat underground medium for a long time. People who write about podcasting having a “renaissance” don’t realize that the popularity hasn’t surged, rather, it’s steadily grown over time since inception. What HAS surged, perhaps, has been media coverage. More media are noticing podcasts and writing about them, and as a result, the podcasting medium is being thought of as a viable channel for media buy and company investment.


Types of Podcasts There are lots of different types of podcasts. Originally, they were mostly in radio show format, which could include one host, or co-hosts in any number. Typically 2 or a panel of 3-4. As podcasting (and all media) changes, the formats change as well. Now there are all different kinds of formats, such as:

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